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Billy Cook



British Spiritual Medium og Clairvoyant



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Opleve Billy Cook i Danmark

Experience Billy Cook in Denmark


Billy Cook er et engelsk anerkendt medium!



Han blev kendt i Danmark fra TV programmerne "Åndernes magt" "klarsyn" og "troldmandsskolen".


Billy Cook har haft kontakt til den åndelige verden fra barnsben. I dag er han ambassadør for den åndelige verden!


Han har rejst rundt bl.a. i Danmark, Tyskland, Japan, Turkiet, Australien, Spanien, Italien, England, Sverige mv. til stor glæde for kursisterne og publikum, da han er en utrolig dygtig underviser og medium.


Han har studeret på The Arthur Findlay College (Stansted i England) Han har taget eksamer ved S.A.G.B. (Spiritual Association of Great Britain)


Billy Cook har modtaget en pris i England for sine evner som medium.


Odense 20-21 September!!!


København 22-27 September

Bestille en privat afdøde kontakt/clairvoyance

Private sittings spiritual contact/clairvoyance

Mandag den 25 September og Tirsdag 26 September 2017

Prisen: 1000 kr. (ca. 45min.)

Der betales et depositum v. tilmedling

Billy taler forståligt engelsk/Conducted in English.

Send en e-mail til: contact@billycook.dk


Billy Cook's weekend workshop i medieskab

Spiritual development weekend workshop

23-24 September 2017

Kl. 10 - 17

Sted: København

Pris: 1995 kr.

Spiritual development weekend workshop with English medium Billy Cook

Please email contact@billycook.dk for bookings.

"Modern Mediumship"


This workshop will evaluate and explore modern methods of communicating with spirit,

eliminating some of the old-fashioned myths associated with mediumship, enabling you to discover your spiritual/psychic abilities, understand and work confidently with them.


Billy has experienced the same challenges as his students, and understands the hurdles to overcome when unfolding your spiritual abilities. Take this opportunity to learn from one of the UK's leading teachers and demonstrating mediums, who can encourage and develop the best of your mediumship.


This workshop will help to provide you with a solid foundation and the confidence to become an ambassador for spirit.


Suitable for students of all levels - beginners to advanced.

To register for the workshop please call +45 23912277 or email contact@billycook.dk




Kontakt i København:

Penelope Attard for mere information

e-mail: contact@billycook.dk

Mobil nr. +45 23912277



Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my website!


This website has been developed just to keep you updated on what is going on in my world.


I am still travelling extensively, working as an ambassador for the spirit world and just trying to help people who have lost love ones and easing their grief. No matter what country I visit, people just want to know that their loved ones are ok and safe in the spirit world.


That is why I believe it is important for all mediums and students of mediumship to have a good education in mediumship in order to possess the knowledge to be able to help people.

I can think of no greater joy than to reunite families with a loved one that has passed over and for them to know that there is life after physical death and that they will meet up again.


Please see information below for more information about upcoming events.


Billy Cook XX